Which patient is more difficult to treat drug induced patient or mixed miasmatic patient,and why.?

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According to my opinion drug induced patients are more difficult to treat, because in mixed Miasmatic patient we can prescribe antimiasmatic medicine on the basis of presenting symptoms of that miasm i.e superficial in that case. But in drug induced patients there is mixing of all symptoms even we can't figure out that which symptoms is of drug or which symptoms of disease.
Drug induced
Drug induced patient are difficult to treat as there is suppression of disease at some extent ... We have lots of anti miasmatic medicines ..n easy to treat ...lots of patients are having mix miasmatic effect ..but easy to treat just b'coz of accuracy of symptoms .
Mix miasmatic... Bcoz if drug induced thn we can ask to stop drug thn. We can give antidoted medicine... previous artificial dz goes the Thn can give new medicine acording to presenting totality... As far my knowledge if i m wrong correct me...
Drug induced ptnt is easy to treat bcoz ... That ptnt is having artificial disease . And it's very easy to remove artificial disease from ptnt then natural disease by discontinuing of drug .
I agree with Dr Megha

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