Pls suggest Treatment for rumatid arthritis

Goal is to achieve remission/minimize disease activity, prevent structural damage, and prevent disability Start Early DMARD -to slow disease progression and induce remission Methotrexate -7.5 mg-20mg/week Leflunomide- loading dose 100 mg/day × 3 days and then 10 to 20 mg/day Hydroxychloroquine -400 mg/day2 to 3 mths and then 200mg/day Sulfasalazine: 500 mg/day, increases gradually,max: 2 to 3 g/day. NSAIDs Diclo , piroxicame, indomethacin etc Steroids- omnacortil , methyl prednisolon, deflazacort in tapering dose If pt is pregnant or planning for pregnancy- steroids, hydroxychloroquine preferred drugs.NSAIDs sos for pain relief.