6 year girl having complaint of eatching both foot from 5 to 6 months and pus discharge from wound plz tell me diagnosis and treatment for this case


Pyoderma Rx tab Amoxyclav125mg 1x3times for 7days+levocetrizine syp 1tsf twice daily for7days. Locally fucibactor flutibact oint twice daily for 7days.keep cleaniness with skin cleansers
If response is poor you can add azithromycin 100mg once daily for5days

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Tinea pedis with secondary bacterial infection. Treat with antiallergic, amoxyclav, terbinafine cream and oral griseofulvin
D/d - Bullous Scabies Bullous Impetigo Tinea pedis with secondary bacterial infection
@Dr. Akash Kunte - tinea pedis with secondary infection
Bullous Impetigo/Bullous pemphigoid/Linear IgA (?)
Bullous pemphigoid/bullous impetigo/linear igA
Bullous impetigo?
Bullous impetigo ?
Bullous impetigo
Infected eczema
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