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Patient age 25 yrs disease is from 7mth it appears during night

Patient age 25 male . kindly suggest


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thank u so much friends for ur reply
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Hi, We are thrilled that you have taken out time from your busy schedule to post a case on Curofy. However, we are sorry to inform that your case has inadequate information and might not get active discussion. Please edit the case again with relevant information.
@Dr. Manzoor Shah @Dr. Manzoor Shah
Hardrakhand 2 ts bd Swadisht virechan churn rat ko 1 ts Avoid (milk)
Tablet Allegra 120 mg bd Tablet Ominocartil 10mg
Also ..given dio 1 tab 1od Wormin tab 1bd
This is urticaria Tab Allegra 180 mg bd
Thank you doctor
thank u so much friends for ur reply
I think it is severe utricaria..
Kindly suggest

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