Buccal Carcinoma,83 years old female. Please suggest possible palliative management. She was suffering from profuse Haemoptysis since 4 months with Dysphagia. I suggest Acid Nitric 0/1 and Millifolium3 SOS for bleeding.


carcinocin in 30 potency tid may be helpful
Isn't carc of controversial role in active cancer ? Lower potencies of carc to b used in such pathological cases.

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Nit acid 30 tid AND Hydrates Q 15 drops with half glass of water bd
kanchnar guggal,virdivadika vati,punarnavadi mandur,sarvkalp kwath, hirak bhasam,Shila sindur,mukta pisti,tamer bhasam,parwal panchaamrit,giloe sat
Dear dr. You should write the proper does for hirak bhasma . its dose is 2 mg. For your kind information. Dr. Vikram M. Shukla. Gandhidham.
I had same case I kept patient on placebo n gave ayurved medicine -cow cholestrom vch has given much relief to patient from her symptom.
Carcinosin200 4pill weekly agree withAcid nit0/1BD.ferrum phos 6x4
use of this medicine 1 sahar rasayan kalp powder one tea spon two times daily 2 sheikh pachan churan one tea spon ate lunch time with 250 gm dahe k sath and one tea spon ate night with warm water 3 cap evion 400 mg one od 4 aap week m ek bar castor oil 10 ml ko milk m milakar pilao
Shuddh swarna gairik +Raal +Rudanti +sphatika bhasma + adusa patra +giloy satwa mixed with madhu twice daily. Cap carcowin Kanchnar guggulu Cap shallaki Trifla guggulu. Vasawleha. Punarnavarista.
According to Ayurveda you can advise for Triphala Kashaya Gandoosh Dharan and Hi-Ora for gargle.... Talisadi Churna 5gm + Honey =TID
डॉ राजीव दीक्षित जी के अनुसार,,,, देशी गाय का मूत्र 100 ग्राम लेकर कपड़े में छानकर उसमें हल्दी पाउडर 5 ग्राम, पूनर्नवा जड़ 5 ग्राम डाल कर गरम करें उसमें जब उबाल आने लगें तो उसे ठंडा कर लें और फिर आधा सुबह शाम सेवन कराएं। मेंने केइ रोगियो को यह योग बताता है
pls give her desi Gau milk for consume + Panchgavya ghrut every night while sleeping. and u can give takrasav every morning.
Considering her age, let her peacefully pass away. You can just prolong her sufferings by prolonging her miserable life.
yeah. Its time to let her rest in peace. I am just looking for peace for her.

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