Csf rinorrhoea definition & rx

Cerebrospinal fluid (CSF) rhinorrhea is a condition where the protective fluid that surrounds the brain finds its way into the nose and sinuses, often appearing as a very watery runny nose. Most cases of CSF rhinorrhea occur after major accidents where the bones of the face and skull experience significant trauma. It would include 1-2 weeks of bed rest. A lumbar drain may be placed in the low back to decrease pressure of the CSF fluid, around the area of the leak, which often allows it to heal.
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CDF rhinorroea : usually in this protective CSF leaks through nose or sinuses Seen with major accident, head injury or surgical trauma T/t : rest to part Lumber drain to reduce pressure
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Leaking of CSF through nose & sinuses. Causes : Trauma : Head injury,Surgical. Rx : Lumbar drain.