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Cardiac Arrest

85 year old male.Known case of Diabetes mellitus and Hypertension.Blood Pressure 230/120, Sugar 497 mg %, came with complaints of sudden loss of consciousness with stiffness in both upper limbs and lower limbs.Pupils- Slowly reacting to light.


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Cardiac arrest

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S.Tachy LVH with strain St t changes in may be secondary to htn crisis Ruled out Neurological pathology 1st

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Malignant HTN with uncontrolled hyperglycemia... Rule out HF Iv lasix 40 mg stat with NTG Infusion Auscultate and look for crepts at lung bases R/O HF Rapid acting Insulin, monitor RBS regularly. It would be best if cardiac monitoring facility is available. As patient becomes stable Infuse NS with Lasix 5%... Send for investigation along with echocardiography and other necessary tests... ABG is of utmost importance...

Malignant HTN with ? Dka , do ABG, cbc, lft,kft, hba1c, urine ketones bodies, urine r/m, urine c/s, 2decho, chest xray pa view, mri brain, start NTG infusion, insulin novarapid as per sliding scale, along with antibiotics, iv fluids ns, cardiology opinion as well

Cardiac arrest

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