85 yr old male with vesicular skin lesion (First started on the back ,groin and inner thigh then slowly spread all over the body.the patient has the same kind of lesion on the tongue ,buccal mucosa , hard palate) for past 5 days. patient had fever with chills and rigor. patient complains of severe pain over the lesion . No complain of itching. patient complains of mild abdomen pain(over the right hypochondrium ,umbilical& lumbar region) for past 3 days. patient also complaints of not passing stools for past 3 days (but today morning he passed the stool).No complain of nausea ,vomiting, loose stool . No complain of sleep disturbance. kindly suggest what treatment to be done and how long and what investigation to do.Do we admit the patient in higher centre and treatment him as Inpatient or can we treatment him as general op patient?.what advise do we need to give to the patient.



This is a case of disseminated herpes zoster. Because of age better to admit for a day. Or two and give supportive therapy. Rule out diabetes and HIV.

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Disseminated herpes zoster...treat with IV acyclovir and a broad spectrum IV antibiotics

Herpes zoster or pemphigus

Neurodermatitis ?

Herpes zoster

Herpes zoster with disseminated involvement. Need to give in-house treatment with fluids and Antiviral therapy.

Get his cbc blood sugar abd scan done Give supportive treatment and keep patient under observation

Herpes zooster admit in hospital n rule out diabettes n anti viral therapy


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