19 yr old unmarried female with irregular cycles with off and on pain abdomen.investigations enclosed. kindly suggest management

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Lap ovarian cystectomy,preserving ovary.
Better to go for tumor markers first as its bilateral. If markers are assuring lap cystectomy as size is much more and it's symptomatic
Puncture the cysts by laproscopy, put her on danazol 100 mg. Bd for 15 days. Irregular cycles usually normalise
Novelon for 3cycie then repeat chymoral plus one bd 5days
one should go for tumour marker if benign then laproscopic puncture of the cyst fllowed by tab dianazol 100mg bd for 15 days syrup m2tone 2tsf tds 1month good follow up
Clinicaly does she have abdominal distension? MRI abdomen and pelvis , AFP, HCG, LDH levels to be assayed. Rule out malignancy before going for surgery..
There is no abdominal distension

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Possibility of Endometriotic cysts , also do colour Doppler, MRI pelvis & sos Laparoscopy procedure. First try with cyclical progesterone Or GNRH agonists.
LDH and AFP to be done. Then pain relief. . . How is the pedicle of these cysts? Which part of the menstrual cycle is the patient in now and during USG?
First tt is to regulate the cycle syp mudir Haiz +syp Niswani 15 ml 3 times a day majun dabidulward 5mh 2 times a day avoid spicy food
Constitutional remedy ke liye case taking Karni hai. Then remedy select hogi.
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