Swelling in testicles

Male/39 years pain and swelling in testicle since 15 days pain- heavy feeling with crushed pain pain more on standing better by lying down Inguinal hernia- absent Three finger test- negative No inguinal swelling No H/O injury What could be the possible reasons? Any pain management medicines? Share your opinions Doctor

Any history of trauma or infection.May be torsion ,if the pain is unbearable advise ultrasound.
Agree with what manya sharma ji and Dr. Nihar has suggested, USG will help to confirm diagnosis
Thank you Dr. Mohanty
Dx probably due to blunt injury like due to bike Rx Arnica Mont 200/3dose weekly MP6x KP6x tds
Firstly adv some needful investigation like CBC urine examination and USG for confirm DX....
Go for Usg and confirm the diagnosis... Suspected hydrocele
हाइड्रोशिल की सम्भावना है। पिछले अल्ट्रासाउंड कराएं।
D/D Testicular torsion Hydrocele
Thank you madam@Dr. Twara Aashish
Calc carb 200
hydrocele sudarshan ghan vatti was continued with punarnavadi mandur.pt totally recovered with in 4--5 days
Aconite nap and belladona alternately every 3rd hrs Climetis Q 4d,
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