Dryness of throat & mouth

Age-33 years, male C/o- a. Dryness of throat & mouth since 2 weeks throat dry with itching Better by drinking water more after waking early morning Patient took allopathic medicines for tonsilitis & the complaint started Patient took too much hot water for tonsillitis Patient drinks a lot of water but his dryness of mouth persists even after that. Cracks on tongue Saliva- ropy, viscid Appetite- normal Thirst- increased Stool, urine- normal Thermals- hot Desire- no Aversion- sour Suggest treatment doctors



Probably due to allopathic treatment Rx-Ars.alb200/3dose Nux moschatà30/tds
Can think of Kali bi
Nox mos 30 3d,
Dx Dehydration and distress of Salaivary glands.. Rx ORS, Coconut water, lemon juice Garlgling with salt +turmeric luke warm water.. Madiphala Rasayana Paityantakam Bhavana Ardraka etc.. are good Salaivary stimulants... Avoid hot water to drink and bath Eat citrus based and coolants to body
I use Septilin and Chyvanprash for reurrence. Ushan jala pana, Mixing of ginger in Milk with honey and use of Haridra with milk are good herbal remedy to counter this problem
Rx 1. Bite a piece of ginger n keep it in mouth 2. Graggle Gargle 3. Ushnodak sevan 4. Lavangadi Vati 3-4 times a day. 5. Septilin Syp.
Khadiradi Vati Aachushanarth Gargaling with Haridra Namak Mixed Luke warm water. Gulkand Menolmalt Avippatikar Churna
Advise to drink adequate quantity of water Patient will be fine once he will stop the Medicine
Prval pisti Giloysatva Abhiptrkar churna
Advice diabetic profile
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