11 days Fch...having B/l mastitis...afebrile H/o small nodules for which massaging done at home... kindly give ur opinion to manage it


Neonatal breast enlargement. It is physiological. No intervention is needed unless it is infected. If it is infected treatment with antibiotics may be advised. Rule out infection by sepsis screening. When it is infected it is called MASTITIS NEONATORUM. The mechanism of breast enlargement is Postnatally, falling levels of maternal estrogen is thought to trigger prolactin secretion in the pituitary of the newborn . Resultant prolactinemia stimulates neonatal breasts and causes milk secretion in 5 to 20% of newborn. It is popularly known as witch’s milk because it is believed in folklore that witches and goblins would feed on it. Witch’s milk resembles maternal milk with identical concentration of IgA, IgG, lactoferrin, lysozyme and lactalbumin. Inadequate let-out of milk, either due to improper canalization of lactiferous ducts or due to lack of oxytocin stimulus in the newborn, may lead to stagnation of milk (galactocele). Superadded infection may result in complications such as mastitis and breast abscess
Nice explanation Sir What do u think ...should I start antibiotics and analgesics or Just wait and watch

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It is physiological. But in the photograph it is evident that it is infected. This may be due massaging to let out the witch’s milk please start antibiotics. Cephalexin is a good choice if there is defenite abscess sometimes drainage may be required
Thanks Sir..
Nicely explained by Dr Raghavendra . But apparently it looks infected probably due to massaging done at home So it is mastitis neonatorum. Amoxyclav drops 30 mg / kg body weight B.D for 1 week is desirable
Thanks sir. I do also feel it is inflamed. Prior to starting antibiotics sepsis screening is advised.
Mastitis usually a self limiting condition. But as massage was done so this condition may need medication like antibiotics, paracetamol.
Patient is active..feeding well....afebrile But local sites are large...red Do u recommend antibiotics and paracetamol ?...she is having icterus also..

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Effect of message. This is self limiting condition. Aaj mother not to message or apply any thing and not to squeeze.. itMastitisneonatal
neonatal mastitis no treatment.if local massage done and reddness local tem. raised coamoxyclav drop 30mg/kg bd x7days
It is normal physiology due to maternal hormone.it would relieved automatically after 1month
Neonatal mastitis. Physiological. No treatment. If discomfort express milk.
Its physiological...even massaging is not recommended...subsides on its own
Mastitis neonatorum... No treatment needed If inflamed ..start antibiotics
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