Janu sandhigata vata.

64 year-old woman with pain in her left knee since 6 years. Over the past month, she notes that the pain has worsened. She denies experiencing recent injury or having any precipitating event. On physical examination, she has moderate effusion, full range of motion, and no crepitus with repetitive knee flexion. Anteroposterior radiograph of the left knee is obtained. She has been refereed for knee replacement surgery, Please suggest what should be done? Can surgery be avoided in this case?



Joint space between femur and tibia is very much reduced, even more on the lateral side. Homoeopathic and Ayurvedic medicines might give temporary relief in pain but cannot reverse the osteoarthritic changes or increase the joint space. Pain is because the articular surfaces of femur and tibia are brushing against each other. So I would suggest Knee Replacement for pain free living.
Janu basti with mahanrayan tail +prasarni tail Godanti bhashma Arogyavardhani vati Dasmulahristha Ajmodadi churna Trayodashaag guggulu
Janu basti with mahanarayan oil Tab Calciplus Trayodashang guggulu Dashmool kwatha Rasnadi kwatha
Janu basti with mahanarayan Rasnadi kwath Ajmodadi churna Dashmoolarishta Trayodashaag guggulu
Habbe Aauja 1BD Majoon chobchini 5gm BD Majoon Suranjaan 10gm at bed tym
Dear Dr. Reena Patel Ma'am, Advice for the case. Tab. Rasraj Ras 1 tds. Ajmodadi churna 3 grams with warm water after meal. Janu basti with Maha vishgarbha tail. Advice fo walking after meal at least 30 minutes slowly. Avoid fermented and citrus food and liquid also. After janu basti advice for swedana.
Cap bonartho Chitarakadhi vati Mahayograj guggalu Maharasandhi + dashmul kashyam Panch gun tailam for local application Tab shallaki These Medicines are helpful @Reena Patel
Is the patient overweight?if yes then give Langhana throught diet..aam pachana to be done..then start with basti,janu basti. Internally give mahayograj guggulu Rasnadi kadha Guggulu tikta ghrita
Its may be case of Amavat rather than Sandhi gata vaat. So check for "Ama" Laxana Start my Protocol Langhan is Must for Ama pachan....
Rumalaya Forte Tab Rasnadi kwath Tab Shallaki Ajmodadi Churna Janu basti with mahanarayan+Prasarni Tail.
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