60 yrs female hypertensive. bp170/90. c/o resp distress for 0ne yr. chest clear

X Ray shows cardiomegaly. ECG shows LVH with LAHB with left axis deviation probably due to hypertension or underlying ischaemia heart disease. ABG is lacking. R/ E of urine UTI Advise echo and TMT. Exclude CKD At present add a low dose of diuretic in the mangement. At least do respiratory rate and SpO2.
LVH (avl) U wave present in chest leads Check S.K, S.Mg Baseline wandering in v4 to v6 so difficult to ruled out strain T wave Hyperacute & fatty in v1 to v3 I will advise serial ecg. Check blood O2, Co2
ABG should be done
cxr shows cardiomegally, ecg shows LVH, echocardiography is must to rule out cardiac abnormality, urine report shows plenty of pus cells so treat with iv antibiotics or conservative treatment
ecg shows LVH, treat urinary tract infection with iv antibiotics and other supportive management, rule out non cardiac causes of dyspnea
Also get her KFT done along with serum calcium and serum magnesium

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Elevated rt dome of diaphragm,cardiomegaly..
Rule out CCF...
There is a possibility of a long-term steroidal drug induction.Chances aren't low for developing cerebrovascular attacks with higher BP and dyspnoea.please post reports of RFT and starting patient on Arkamine100mg might help.
Elevated rt dome with swelling in chest wall rt. Lt dome irregular non homogeneous Lt lower lobe s/o Lt diaphragmatic hernia. Increased intraabdomenal pressure on rt side causing chest discomfort.
first teat UTI , correct BP , and than r/0 renal, thyroid, and valvular disfunction , 2d echo for LVD, and copd , i think is this lady having might be having kyphosis ?
X Ray shows cardiomegaly ECG shows left axis deviation adv 2D echo iv antibiotics n diuretic in low dose
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