Silent asymptomatic carrier state of COVID19.

Corona ,COVID19 ,the symptomatologies are fever, sore throat, ,cough ,breathlessness ,is the standard announcement by the information Bureau of health authorities of India. But there are cases reported as per case contact history ,the PCR reveals the throat swab positiveness with history of contacts and travel history but no symptoms of corona ,is well brought out ,during the survey in the post corona recovery state. After a three weeks interval the swab become negative in those cases ,who were shown positivity. It proves that silent carrier state like Typhoid Mary , may also play the possible ways in the further spreading epidemic of corona ,as per epidemiologicaly survey and some of the literature followed from the Wuhan survey too reveals like this ,in the paper presentation that is available in the electronic medias . So mass screening with rapid finger prick based IgG antibody detection may help to control the spread of viruses. In Tamil nadu too ,a daily vernacular surveyed the discharged patients who were proven cases of PCR positivity ,revealed that they were symptomless in a age group of 30 years old ,who had travelled to Dubai and retained in the Trichy isolation ward. Doctors have to be careful in such a situation where the infected person without fever and cough may spread the disease silently like the typhoid Mary. Rapid Ig G antibody finger prick , Mass screening in those area of the cluster and hot spots population may help for the containment of the spread of disease.


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Informative post - Sir . Now , the current fight of COVID- 19 is against the asymptomatic carriers which are a danger to society. It is really startling from the wuhan statistics that 43000 people in china,were asymptomatic carriers by ending February- mainly because routine testing was being done . So - the only option to prevent the disease from spreading from asymptomatic carriers is by social distancing and extension of Lockdown till 3rd May will be a significant factor in reduction of transmission of COVID-19
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I agree yes asymptomatic cases may be big reservoir to blastup Finger test rapid IgG will certainly be helpful
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