Pt.has Couging breathlessness and fever since long.plz suggest diagnosis and treatment.


Both up and both mid zns have old healed calcified and fibrotic lesions Dgx Bilateral old healed ptb cough and breathlessness.. common in old ptb pts But If fever is of long duration and if we have ruled out other causes then reactivity may be considered
B/l infiltrations with smaller calcified spots....... old healed koch's lesion more on d RUZ.
Koch's are seen so rule out sputum for AFB and montoux ,and CBC with ESR
Old PTB right upper lung with COPD.
PTB, DO sputum AFB
Rules out Pul Tub. There is BL extensive fibrosis. May be sec inf.
A case of old heald Koch's changed to a case of COPD
B/L fibrocavitatory pulm. Kochs? MDR
Do HRCT to rule out bronchiectasis
Rt upper lung ptb with copd
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