Green stool

3 month 6300g baby (birth weight was 3100g) presented with intermittent green stool for two weeks. Without any other pathologic symptom or previous disease history. Infant fed only on Formula. Abdominal, lungs, brain ultrasound - normal. Hemoglobin - 10,2, wbc- 4,1 rbc-3,1 crp- 2,3 Baby Calm and quiet for most of the time. Abdomen - soft, without pathologic signs.


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In old times pediatricians used to give lots of importance to colour of the stool . But here the baby is gaining weight thats a very good sign . Green colour is mainly due to bile being passed in stool . Or due to iron being prescribed . In breast milk infant its due to foremilk hindmilk imbalance . Here since the baby is on formula it might b due to lactose intolerance . I would recommend a course of probiotics for the baby n lactaze enzyme drops to b given before each feed .
sir do lactaze enzyme work in condition like this.....i usually prescribe in such neonates ...and in neonates who pass 10 - 15 stool per day but gain weight normally...... but i get results in half of such cases by lactaze

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Nothing to worry in view of weight gain... It's fairly common for your child to have green poop at some point. It's almost always harmless. It often just means that the stool passed through the intestines more quickly so that all of the normal bile (which is green) did not have time to be absorbed back into the body.
The only thing to worry about Formula feeding is when there is intractable vomiting following milk ingestion, or milk in stool in two conservative occasions
No need of medication. Breast feed to continue. Assess for dehydration. If possible stop formula fed for some days.. Force on breastfeeding.
Thank you Dr Leel
If baby gaining weight as per age ,green stool occasionally ,no reason to worry ,it is normal and needs no specific treatment.
Thanks Dr S M Sarfaraz

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No need of specific treatment. Enterogemia sachet can be given occur a day for 7 days..
It's normal, no need of treatment.
No need of any treatment. Adv lactase drops, entroflora sachet nd feeding
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