Frontal headache

34 years old with complaint of Headache for around 30 minutes every time patient wakes up in morning since 1 month. Nature of pain Frontal headache, bursting type, more after sleeping, better by massage or pain killer. Eye-sight normal, sleeps for 7 hours. Appetite- normal Nadi manduka gati Mala- incomplete evacuation Mutra niram Jihva niram



Dear Dr. Shruthi Pandey Ma'am, Advice for the case. Tab. Shirah Shuladi Vajra Ras 1 tds. Pathyadi quatha 30 ml BD. Jyotishmati Kuth siddha tail for abhyang on forehead. Go ghruta nashyam.
Having headache when pt goes to sleep.. And when wakes up headache lasts for 30min.. Whole night headache?? Or only 30 min when pt wakes up ??Check for frontal sinusitis symptoms
Check Blood pressure in the morning. LACHESIS 200/ OD/3 days. Thereafter keep patient on placebo /tds /2 werks. Follow up and report status in 15 days
Shirahshooladi Vajra Rasa Godanti bhasm Praval bhasm Avippatikar Churna Karpoor dhara Shirolepan These medicines are helpful
Can be migraine / tension headache / sinusitis Avipattikar chura Sootashekhar Shirashooladivajra ras Pathyadi kwath
Is it disturbed sleep? If So treat for normal good sleep.. Brahmi cap/ghrita can be given..
Virechana Pathyadi khada Shirashoola vajra rasa Rasnadi lepa on forehead
Pathyadi kwath Shirahshooladi vajra rasa Rasnadi lep Meditation
Frontal sinusitiis Migraine Hypnic hadeache
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