12 yrs old girl having. sub mendibular. swellling, pain. no. other sign . complain. Pl what. is. DX. , Tx?


Submandibular lymphadenopathy on rt side. Search for septic focus in oral and pharyngeal areas , and in face and ear. Adv. CBC, ESR, MANTOUX TEST, FNAC. If found to be infective 1. Give a course of antibiotic such as amoxiclav 625mg twice daily for 10days 2. Aceclofenac + pcm + serratiopeptidase combination 1t × 3
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Need intra oral picture or opg of the patient ...this is not the proper way to put cass there are so many reasons for that kind of swelling ...but still for the blind fold effective medicinal treatment go with amoxyclav bd ....but still need mentioned things for proper diagnosis and treatment
Submandibular lymphadenitis ENT and Dental examination Investigation :USG neck. Rx:After finding the source of infection, treat accordingly with antibiotics, analgesics
Probably dental origin. Amoxi-Clav+Metronidazole & NSAID (SOS)
Best way is to go for usg of swelling . Do palpate for enlarged lymph nodes . Cbc crp will be helpful . Good examination of oral cavity to look for dental caries or tonsillitis . Start amoxicillin clavulanic acid analgesic round the clock .
It's Right Submandibular Lymphnode. Do proper oral cavity examination along with bidigital palpation. Find out cause in gum of lower jaw or floor of mouth and tongue.
Submandibular swelling may be the salivary gland, could be mumps as well
Submandibular lymphadenitis.Intraoral investigations are necessary.
Submandibular lymphadenitis. Look for focus in oral cavity.
Submandibular lymphadenitis. Dental and Ent consultation
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