How has recovery rate of Covid patients suddenly increased for India?

It is around 3 % In india. Drop has many reason. Non reporting and under reporting. Presently due to our honorable PM , " if modi is there than every thing possible" Wait for end result we will top the world as leader.dont come to conclusion so early. One day our state shows two cases next recovered very next day due to technical reason it was found negative lastly when both died file misplaced and cases levelled as heart attack.
Thanks Dr Vipin Bihari Jain

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Steps taken by ACTIVE PM Mr modi are so meticulous No doubt medical faculty diverted all its energy to fight it As covid19 has low mortality rate and more than 80% recovery Only thing matters is testing and vulnerability As old age pts and comorbidies are the main factors in death
Thanx dr Ashok Leel

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Alerts for old ,sick of diabetes, respiratory and cardiac patients, children not to go out. This population is saved Awareness of early diagnosis and start of treatment. Underreporting may be possible
Thank you doctor
Possibly *Under/Non reporting of cases Covid19 though highly contagious, has over all low mortality & morbidity.
COVID 19, has low mortality of 2.5 % in India Naturally most of the others are going to recover
Awareness....Strict administration.....and Health conscious following FEAR OF DEATH..
Covid 19 highly contagious but low mortality rate overall World.

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