x-ray chest of first case of Corona virus pneumonia patient aged 61 years male who died during treatment in WUHAN city of China.


Thick dense infiltrate in both lung fields Almost occupying most of the lung field Picture similar to Acute respiratory distress syndrome (ARDS)
Ground glass appearance with air brochograms and dense infiltrates diffusely present- These are characteristic features of viral pneumonia with ARDS in Corona virus patients in terminal stages of disease
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Bilateral diffuse, dense patchy confluent air space opacification noted More dense peripherally --consistent with ARDS, viral pneumonia
Thanx Dr.Dutt for sharing exect radiological scenerio of present epidemic to be careful in diognising ARDS as a DD.
Ground glass infiltrates in both lung fields. Said typical in Corona virus infection.
ARDS like picture Bilateral diffuse dense infiltrates,with ground glass appearance
Thank you, Doctor
B/L consolidation with Airbronchogram in all lobes.- Extensive pneumonitis
bilateral encysted pl effusion, bilateral diffuse patchy hazyness
Xray picture quite similar to ARDS... B/L infiltrates
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