sodium citrate is generally used in metabolic acidosis or as an emulsifiers but why there is always sodium citrate in anti-cold syrups.. plz let me know?


Sodium Citrate Is Used To Treat A Number Of Problems. It Is An Osmotic Laxative, Which Induces A Laxative Effect (stimulating Stool Production). It Is Used To Relieve Constipation And Works (when Used As An Enemal For Rectal Use) By Causing Water To Be Drawn Into The Lower Bowel (colon) To Increase The Water Content And Volume Of Stools, Making Them Softer And Easier To Pass, Relieving Constipation. It Also Used For Other Purposes When Taken By Mouth, Such As In Adult Women For The Relief Of Symptoms Due To Cystitis (inflammation Of The Bladder Owing To An Infection Of Urine In Women) Where It Reduces The Acidity Of Urine, And Before General Anaesthesia To Prevent Stomach Acid Aspiration (inhalation Of Stomach Acid Into The Airways), Which May Happen During A Surgical Operation Or In Pregnant Women During Child Birth. In General, This Drug Is Used To Relieve Constipation, Treat Symptoms Of Mild Cystitis Or To Prevent Stomach Acid Aspiration During Anaesthesia. Benefits Of Being On This Drug Can Include Regular Bowel Movements, Relief From The Painful Symptoms Of Cystisis And Problems Occurring After Inhalation Of Acid Stomach Contents During Surgery.
sodium citrates action for mucoletic loss and cough ..thruot infection contrl
Mainly because of mucolytic action it is added to cough syrups
mucolytic and imminomodulator .it will incrase IgA level.
sodium citrate acts as a mucolytic and an expectorant
sodium citrate is also a brochial secretion enhancer.
because sod.citrate act as mucolytic in cold syrup
Dr Hasmukh Shah family physician mucolytic action
mucolytic and expectorant.
just like saltwater gargle
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