54 year old female with history of acute onset breathlessness. Kindly interpret CXR.

It looks boot shaped heart seen in TOF, which is congenital cyanotic heart disease and Age 50 yrs with history not correlating. It maybe VSD with rt ventricular hypertrophy ; ASD with RVH. Lt costphrenic angle hazyness maybe consolidation or minimal effusion. Maintain ABCDE and Vitals..... ECG, Echo.... Cbc, RFT, LFT, TSH, ...... Need further evaluation Rx.
Rt dome showing Hepatic hump Or it may be diaphragmatic hernia But above is not cause of breathlessness Cardiomegaly is there Rhd with mr Now going into rt hrt flr with pul oedema with raised pah
Cardiomyopathy...hocm Less likely to have congenital heart disease with vsd shuntd survivr at this age
Small ASD or VSD acyanotic heart disease maybe seen at adult age.

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Cardiomegaly is obvious that look in cxr Go for 2d echo to rule out cardiac cause for breathlessness
Cardiomegaly with Keeley b lines Congestion,/failure need to rule out, go for echo
Looks like boot shaped heart seen in TOF
Cardiomegaly with pulmonary edema
Cardiomegaly is obvious. Apparently no pulmonary abnormalities.need cardiac evaluation 2d echo
U may look fr bucuspid aortic valve causing stenosis

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