comment on xray plzzz 7 month old child with cough ,cold nd tachypnea no fever since 3 days with loose stool with developmental delay with suspected case of myopathaty total count is 22000



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No pulmonic lesion ? TAPVR Cottage loaf sign Snow man sign Figure of 8 sign
Pul congestion with atelactic patches with cardiomegaly... any murmur??? VSD?
Figure of 8 sign/snow man sign Total anomalous Pulmonary venous return.
I agree with Dr. Gupta Harbilass
Thanks dr roa sir
Figure of 8 Snow man sign
Terato,logy of fellots
But sir There is no cyanosis

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Figure of 8 ..heart
Ebsteins anomaly
History sir ?
Given sir
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