As a surgeon, what is the most dangerous thing you have found inside a patient?



I was operating on a patient to remove his kidney. The patient had had multiple surgeries in the past on his kidney and at this point was just a continuous source of infection- it no longer functioned. The patient wanted me to remove it. I removed the kidney laparoscopically and opened it to see what was inside. I found this. I was shocked. It was a laser fiber that had broken inside the patient while being operated on by another surgeon 18 years prior. It had been left to form a stone and caused endless infections. After the surgery, I informed the patient as to what I had discovered- he knew right away who the surgeon had been. It is very sad to have your kidney damaged and your life affected because of a bad surgeon who didn’t have the appropriate ethical guidelines. He could have referred the patient to someone else so the problem could be fixed before the damage became permanent.

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I don't know about my other colleagues, but I personally feel uncomfortable and very cautious during laparotomy 1.Dissection very near to cystic duct - common hepatic duct junction 2.Retroperitoneal operative field around aorta and also near inferior vena cava, 3.Neck region where major neck vessels are present. May be it is my personal opinion- other surgeons may be comfortable at this
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Removal of maggots (Myiasis) most dangerous thing I ever seen..
Aberrant arteries and anatomy something different

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