34yr /m. Alcoholic. C/0 abdominal pain and mild distension. Most likely diagnosis?


Pancreatitis This is cullens sign
Thanks dr fahim
Blunt injury abdominal wall.Might have had a fall or picked up some fight.However should be taken up for u/s to look for abdominal pathology.Distension possibly due to alcoholic gastritis.
One more Dd is abdominal aortic aneurysm rupture Suspect this in pt with abd pain n hypotension. Risk factors connective tissue disease in young Atherosclerosis in old
Alcoholic cirrhosis ( Adv abdomen scanning &lft.fbs.ppbs.totalprotein.stage. creatinine. Cholesterol urea uric acid &taping the abdominal fluid &exam )
Doesn't seem to be having ascites,sir.Complains of mild distension as per history. Thanks.
Grey turner n Cullen sign Indicative of intra or retro peritoneal bleed due to the fact neurotic pancreatitis
Necrotic pancreatitis

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Cullen sign - periumbilical bruising......since patient is an alcoholic it may be hemorrhagic pancreatitis
Can u give us more details Dr Huzna What abt his vital? Any history of trauma Previous known cirrhosis?
Alcoholism causing Pancreatitis haemorrhagic collection around umbilical region i. Cullen's sign
Cullens sign.. retroperitoneal bleed due to acute pancreatitis
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