3yr old male child fever since 7 days rash appeared after fever subsided .no cough cold . at first rash is macular over the both limbs .progressed to popular rash with erythematous base .and over the whole body .now hepatomegaly + weil Felix positive . sr.bili normal kindly discuss dds .and management and complications .


Yes it's RICKETTSIAL INFECTION not mentioned titre values,according to this only asses prognosis of the disease And also exclude typhoid fever by Widal test and LFT for any abnormalities in the Liver, because in these also Weil Felix reaction positive. So take care of these.
Macular rash with palms n soles involvement s/o Rickettsial infection more so with Weil Felix positive Give trial of oral Doxycycline
Doxycycline in pediatric will cause cartilage damage . according to American guidelines , azithromycin is drug of choice for rickettsial infection in pediatric

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Rocky Mountain Spotted Fever. It's a rickettsial disease.Early synonyms resemble many other infections like Typhoid, Measles, Ehrlichiosis or Meningococcemia , RMSE too.Treatment with Chloramphenicol 75 mg/kg a day in 4 divided doses 3-4 days more after fever subsided. It may be complicated as Pneumonitis, Encephalopathy , hepatomegaly etc. Do symptomatic Treatment accordingly.
typhoid negative . plus h/o insect attached for 1 day behind the ear .his mother removed it .that confirms ricketssial fever . and treatment started with azithromycin . pls discuss about the complications .such as hepatitis .gangrene of the fingers
bcoz weil felix +ve nd rashes ob palms nd soles all this indicates Rickettsial infection so treat with azithromycin antibiotic nd also rule out thypoid fever by widal nd lft for any abnormalities in liver
Probably Rickettsial infection rx azithromycin10mg/ kg bw bid 1st day, od for 6 days & paracetamol 15 mg / kg sos with supportive. ..
rickettsial infection
Rickettsial infection
Kawasaki as d/d (fever with skin lesion in palm or sole). particularly echo is imp for karwa.risk for coronary aneurysm 20-30.in 2 3rd decade prone to mi
it is a rickettsial infection.. treat with T.Azithromycine 10mg/kg b.d ..T.p.c.m (SOS) roll-out typhoid and p.c count also
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