25 year old male , no h/o trauma presented with sudden onset loss of sensations in b/l lower limbs and unable to move b/l lower limbs . no h/o fever , no neck rigidity .

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MRI SPINE did nt show whole spine screening, even though there is an ivdp at c6c7, ur telling lowering involved only, . For further conclusion provide the whole spine screening images. And MRI brain.
PIVD c6/7 with underlying cord compression...above histroy s/o spinal shock... treatment..ACD as an emergency surgery
Treated with steroid on day 1 . But sir there is no h/o trauma or fever Wht might be the cause ?

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MRI spine shows cord compression at C6 C7 level Consider emergency laminectomy
Decompression done today patients symptoms improved significantly

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If bladder, bowel were also involved : it is transverse myelitis
Probably TB spine with cord compression
Please check serum potassium also
Possibility GB syndrome
Gullian burry SYNDROME
In Gillian barre syndrome it is neurological deficit which spreads from toes to thighs and from palm to shoulder eventually to chest muscles
D12L1 compression
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