OPEN DISCUSSION Is SARS COV -2 airborne or droplet borne??


We should clearly know that SARS - COV- 3 is a droplet borne infection . But there are certain situations when aerosolisation can occur . 1.When there a number of COVID-19 patients in a small area like a slum., small house, a cab ,etc . 2.Certain operative procedures like operating on a COVID-19 patient and using suction , electrocautery, tracheal intubation
Droplets Infection through aerosol is the main route of Infection in COVID 19 pt what is actual percentage and probable duration of his average life on various articles and distance it cover is debatable . Highly contagious by this method ie air borne.
Thanks Dr Sandeep Ghodekar
Very difficult to answer as it is a droplet infection but spreads through aerosols ie air born and hence violently contagious
Thanx dr Ashok Leel

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It's a droplets born. May be higher number of infected cases can lead to airborne spread.
Droplet borne & may happen community transmission through air
Droplet borne
Valuable opinion
Droplet born
Droplet not air borne is sars covid virus
All we hear or learn
Droplet infection
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