IVF treatment, now SCH. Please advice.

One of my relative aged 36 years ( married life 6 years) undergone frozen embryo transfer on 14/03/20 in Mumbai. She got positive on beta HCG on 25/03/20. She has developed vaginal bleeding from 05/04/20 varying from spotting to moderate bleeding ranging from red to brown black. She has seen local gyaenecologist and she was put on tranexamic acid IV for 3 days and was put on bed rest (2 episodes). Scan was showing gestational age of 8 weeks 3 days and showing foetal heart rate and SCH 3 c.m. She is on susten 400 mg QID, Duphaston 10mg QID, Progynova 2mg QID, injection Enoxoparin 60mg daily, Ecospirin 75mg daily. Local Gyaenecologist suggested stopping of Ecospirin. Please suggest the best line of treatment. Thanks.

Nothing more to be done. Perfect tt
Thank you doctor

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