DVT case

A 26 years old male with chronic dvt. BMI 27 with no comorbidity. He had the first dvt 3 years ago, no evidence of PE (Shown in the first picture). He was treated with enoxaparin for 3 weeks and repeated the duplex (Second picture). His symptoms now are thigh swelling, pain, tenderness and itching, most probably PTS. The latest duplex study( third picture). What would be the appropriate treatment beside anticoagulant and compression stockings?

Chr c/o DVT One thing total thrombolisation Inj clexan 4000unit bd for 10days with monitoring of PTT INR Tab Acitrom 4mg 1od or bd Stockings Adv filter implants at SVJ if affordable And keep followup
Thanx dr Ashok Leel
Deep vein thrombosis Rx lmwh Acitrom Monitor PT INR
DVR Lme Heparin sc Warfarin 3 mh Stocking. Complete rest and walking with support. Regular monitoring and evaluation required.
DVT chronic one Lmw heparin SC Tab warfarin 3 mg Monitor PT
Dvt Lmwh+warfarin Monitor aPTT INR
Agreed with Dr.Shivraj A
Agreed with Dr.Rakesh O