Management of infertility

patient partner not able to conceive..

For ruling out infertility investigation of both the partner are required so it's better to get both the partners investigated and then go accordingly. Semen report sample here is normal but sperm count is decreasing it could be for n number of reason. Ask for repeat semen analysis after abstinence for 3 to 5 days and for lady go for usg pelvis with tvs and cbc these are just basic investigation. Rest can be reviewed upon reports
Evaluation required for diagnosis Usg exam Endometrial Biopsy R/O PCOD
Semen analysis report normal?
**First conclude is it due to male infertility or female infertility. ** Proceed to access the is this one caused folloiwing reproductivd hormonal defficiaite of convenital xefect. * In female infertility check for Matabolic dis order/ Auto immune disorder / PCOD / Genetic disorder.. * Check for PCT... * Than concludd the real cause and proceed accordingly..
Investigate both partner