8months baby with recurrent loose motions since 2 months. Given syrup O2, Z n D, enterogermina ampules, econorm sachets twice over 2 months. stool report attached. baby is started on cerelac after 6months age. stage 2 started in 7th month.



Secondary or transient lactose intolerance . Stop all antibiotics . Give a lactose free formula for 2 weeks or give lactase enzyme drops if on breast milk . Continue econorm sachet n zinc . Give vit a too .

Thank you sir.. Which will be the best lactose free formula to start with?

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It is a case of lactose intolerance due to repeated attacks of diarrhoea which damages the intestinal epithelium which secretes lactase enzyme which is essential for digestion of lactose. Hence lactose intolerance occurs. You give lactose free milk formulas such as zerolac which is free from lactose. Since the child was given probiotics and zinc for the last 2mths already , the benefits of further continuation of probiotics and zinc is doubtful. Since cerelac 1 and 2 contaiin milk they may also cause diarrhoea. Hence start zerolac with vit A supplementation and lactase enzyme. Do not expect the results immediately. It may take a period of 2weeks to 4weeks for recovery of the intestinal epithelium.

It's a case of sec.lactose intolerance due to diarrhea which leads to erosion of epithelial lining which secret lactase enzyme it takes 2to 3 weeks to replenish epithelial lining.So child should be given lactose free diet. .Zerolac Rice gruel Khichri Dal rice Banana Papaya Curd. VitA 20mg/day. For atleast 2 to3 weeks.

It looks secondary lactose intolerance /or, antibiotic induced diarrhoea. Stop all antibiotic, temporary stop lactose related diet, prebiotic /prebiotic supplement, & zink orally, & wait.

No need of antibiotics.lactose free formula

Lactose intolerance. Do stool culture. Omit milk and lactose products for 2wks. Soya milk powder may be included in diet. After 2weeks again give milk and see the effects if recurrs loose stools and reducing substance in stool ,it is Lactose intolerance May be primary or secondary.

Is there h/o cow milk introduction or any packed milk . Just to R / o milk protein allergy apart from lactose intolerance . Soya preparation like isomil or zerolac ( lactose & sucrose free) can be tried.

How much weight loss of baby .well chronic diarrhea 3 time stool examination to rule Giardia .E hystolytica .even immunodeficiency so be vigilante about other disease apart from lactose intolerance

Viral diarrhea withsecondary lactose intolerance. Zinc and ORS.. Add top feed other than milk Rice Bananas and porridge.

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