9 y old patient comes presenting fever quantified in 38.3 degrees Celsius, sore throat and painful, itchy lesions. What’s the diagnosis, treatment and what’s the name used to describe the lesions displayed?

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Varicella or chickenpox.....clinically presents as papules ,vesicles, pustuled, and sec changes like crusting....... Treatment with acyclovir

Chicken pox. Acyclovir 20mg / kg 6hrly for 5 days For fever pcm 15mg / kg bwt 6hrly s.o.s. Local calamine lotion application twice a day

Pleomorphic rash, vesicle and umbilicated lesion marked. Probably varicella Symptomatic Rx

It can be measles rash,, exanthem,, antipyretic,, antibiotic to prevent sec. Infection and antihistamines fr itching,,, calamine lotion topically

Varicella or chicken pox. It presents as papules,vesicles,pustules, crusts. Treatment is with Acyclovir.

Consider infectoius mononucleosis streptococal inf scarlet fever kawasaki disease

Chickenpox.acyclovir oral and local

Varicella ( chickenpox )

Looks like varicella

Chicken pox

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