Diagnosis and treatment??

9 year old male present in Opd with itching?? Diagnosis and management??



Tinea cruris..? ACD..? Vitiligo.. fungal infection skin lesions..? Ezematous Dermatitis..?

Thanks doctor

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Annular lesions, central healing and marginal spreading....more favour to TINEA CORPORIS... Itraconazole 200 mg 6 weeks.. Amorolfine topical application

Fulminating tenia corporis et waist Rx tab azithromycin 100mg 1od for 5days Tab Levocetrizine5mg 1od Tab flucanazole 100mg 1od Locally tyza-m oint twice daily Once lesions are settled shift on plain terbinafine oint twice daily Keep followup


Tnx Dr Amitabha Dasgupta

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? Tinea corporis

Contact dematitis /tenia corporis Syrp Cetrizine OD Liquid Zydip C local application Syrp Agumetin Dio TID 5ml TID Tab Terbin 250 OD for 14 days

Tinea corporis Tab fluconazole 150 Luliconzole lotion Keto soap Flucos dusting powder Multivitamin Vit ADE Maintaining hygiene

Contact dermatitis? Tinea(Fungal) ?

Tinea corporis Tab Terbinator 125mg once daily for 1 month Luliconazole cream in the morning and night Antihistamine Rest counselling regarding hygiene

@ tinea corporis

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