transient ilioiliac intussception

9 year old patient got treated for intussecption was nt relieved even medication was given for same (this case is in continuity of my intussecption case which was posted earlier) pt got treated earlier with medicines but relieved for sometimes again pain was the problem , surgically treatment of intussception was done 1 month before after discussing all the pros and cons but pain is still there. I don't know wht to do drs plz give me advice or tag drs who could help me in this case@Nitesh Prasad @Dr. Mansukh Shah @Dr. Neelam Sreemani @Parveen Yograj @Dr. Jayesh Kalbhande




Transient ilioiliac intussception on CT is misdiagnosed cause is viral or polyp best is colonoscopy examination otherwise surgeon probably explore like cessarean section

Sir but colonoscopy also was normal their is no polyp or stricture present

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MRI of abdomen needed to come to a conclusive diagnosis. Take a pediatric surgeon opinion. Since the patient was operated one month back. What's the current problem..

Ok dr as he got operated for same but again that intussception happened and mild pan remans and increased sometimes

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Can you share the previous post..

Hello sir i have shared all reports in the chat section of curofy plz review these.

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