90 Yr old male with Chest & Epigastric discomfort

90 yrs old male presented with chief complaints of chest & epigastric discomfort since 2 days. There is no history of chest pain, Dizziness, diaphoresis, syncope, vomiting. Past Mesical History. No H/O HTN, Diabetes, Thyroid disorder. On Examination. Conscious/well oriented Pulse 62 bpm regular BP. 130/80 Chest/ CVS NAD. Symptoms partially relieved with inj Rabeprazole & Antacid gel ECG attached. Kindly give your valuable inputs.



Sinus bradycardia Lt axis deviation LBBB/LAD Prolonged qtc Acute repolarisation of st segment in v3v4v5v6 AWMI Confirm by trop i

Thanx dr Rahul Sonar

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Acute anterior wall MI Sinus bradycardia Suggest observation, serial ECGs, troponin, angio

Thank you,Doctor

Ecg shows t wave inversion in 2 3 and avf leads and st elevation in v1 tov6 leads.acute anterior wall MI. Serial ecg tropt 1 cpk mb are advised.

Dear @Dr. Majid Mustafa Sheikh According to me its a patient of Myocardial Ischaemia with Infarction, There is Q wave and ST elevation in ventricular leads

Thank you doctor

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LAD LAHB LVH Old Anterioseptal mi leads to L.V Anerysum Ongoing IWMI

Sinus bradycardia Early STEMI AWMI

Ac.Anterior lateal wall STEMI & go for Cpk MB & Ttoponin t & thromobolysed with retelax inj.& go for angiography for angioplasty

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