PREMATURE EJACULATION (PME) --- First of all, many people remain in wrong impression that they are suffering with PME. So, first of all, everybody should know the definition of premature ejaculation. A persistent or recurrent pattern of ejaculation occurring during partnered sexual activity WITHIN APPROXIMATELY 1 MINUTE following vaginal penetration and before the individual wishes it. Yes, U have truly heard, It is 1 MINUTE ONLY. If U ejaculate after 1 minute of vaginal penetration, U are perfectly normal. Also, for being diagnosed with PME, one should ejaculate within one minute, for about 6 MONTHS, always whenever sex occurs. So, if u r not suffering continuously for SIX months, U are perfectly OK. Don't worry. So ejaculating after 1 minute is perfectly NORMAL. Though in India, the average time for ejaculation is LESS THAN SEVEN MINUTES. But the normal time is MORE THAN 1 MINUTE. It may be 3 minutes, 8 minutes, 1/2 an hour, depending upon the person and state of mind at that time. But all are normal. The good news is that even if u are suffering with PME, it can be easily treated by we Psychiatrists. If PME is really present, the drug of choice is DAPOXETINE.



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