A case of urinary bladder

Male 64 years, complaints of frequent urination, not able to hold urine, gas issues. BP - from last 28 years and follow medication regularly. Ultrasound done today...wat is next treatment..plz write your reviews


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You can do. Cytology of the urine / cytology of the bladder washouts. Basic cystoscopy with biopsy from the tumor, edge of the tumor, and the base of the tumor. A CECT/ MRI for extent and staging .Will most likely need aggressive radical / salvage surgery with a conduit for ureters.
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Agree@Dr. Purnanandam Yedavally
Patient requires cystoscopy & biopsy and if malignant requires further metastatic workup and if localised will require concurrent chemo radiation rather than surgery in view of involvement of VUJ.
Cystoscopy with biopsy of tumor. MRI for extent and staging. Mostly require surgery :- Radical cystec tomy with ileal conduit.
Kegel exercise will help . Core muscles strengthen may help .
Agree@Dr. Purnanandam Yedavally Sir ji

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