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Kerosene poisoning in children

In ALLEGED ingestion of kerosene in CHILDREN ( where amount of ingestion can't be estimated), how many hours we should observe the baby(if baby is ASYMPTOMATIC) to discharge?

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48 hrs To R/O chemical Pneumonitis
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Ingestion of kerosene ingestion is very common in children accidentally. Sign symptoms depend on the amount ingested Signs look for aspiration pneumonia as kerosene often aspirated There may be burning sensation of eyes Delayed effect may be CNS involvement Admit the patient keep observation of the above symptoms if due aspiration peumonia pt may need intubation and oxygen support Look for vomiting Pt should be kept constant watch for the vitals.
Thanks Dr Abira.
Look out for aspiration pneumonia. Wait and watch baby for next 24 hrs for any eventuality. No visible symptoms was seen during my professional career spanning more than 35 +yrs.
Thanks Dr Dinesh Gupta
Adv cxray to rule Out aspiration pneumonitis, which is common in kerosene position. Depending upon hemodynamic parameters, decision of discharge can be taken.
Kerosene poisoning induce chemical pneumanitis, admit and watch for vital for minimum 24hrs, adv xray chest to rule out pneumonia.
Minimum 24 hrs, arrange for CXR, coz inhalation Pneumonia is very common,/Assess SP o2
Sir we need to start antibiotic as soon as we admit this Kind of pt

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48 hrs To R/O chemical Pneumonitis
Admit and observe the child for next 48 hrs. Attendants should be informed about the graveness n prognosis. Keep equipments ready as there might be worsening and child may require intubation.Initial x-rays may be normal...Do cxr at least 6-8 head after the episode