patches present on palate what is DX H/o congenital present


Rule out congenital syphilis.
Sir how to rule out congenital syphilis.vdrl is enough?

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Thank you Dr Partgasarathy .. for tagging. This case is not congenital syphilis .Since lower central incesors are erupted , the baby is about 6 months old. So if it is it should be an early cong . Sy which is not there are no such suggestive festures- like mucous patches on lips , tongue , tonsillar area etc , no snuffles and associated rhinitis, chorio retinitis and Parrots psuedo paralisis need to be looked into but if present they should have been the presenting symptoms. Still, a maternal and baby VDRL WITHTPHA CONFIRMATION SETLLES THE ISSUE. THE TUMORLIKE MASS THAT WHAT MY EYES COLD see is probably of origin from two sources. 1) minor salivery gland tumors which are mostly on palat especially at the roof between soft and hard palats and are called Bhon's nodules or 2) It could be arising from entrapped epithelium between palatal folds which fuse to form hard palat. They are present in upto 80% of babies at birth and atrophy later.. one type of such inclusion cyst is Epsteun pearls of hard palat. This is just a clinical impression and with due respects to others opinion of granulona and congenital syphilis may also be investigated for what it is worth. FNAC/ BIOPSY MAY HELP TO FIND OUT TISSUE OF ORIGIN. @Dr PARTHASARATHI SAHA
Many thanks dear @Dr. Asv Prasad Sir for reviewing the case & detailed discussion... Very helpful!
Sir Surprises are in store when investigative reports come. Till then we wait ' with crossed fingers '.
Mostly seen in congenital syphilis???? Rule out.
Congenital per presentation
rule out cong syphilis
Congenital granuloma?
Congenital granuloma
Congenital granuloma
congenital granuloma
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