### 6 months baby with such skin lesions. Patient is febrile. Diagnosis and treatment ???

Furunculosis/ pustulosis.. Rx. 1. Amoxyclav 30mg / kg / day in two divided doses for 10days. 2. Topical mupirocin application twice a day for 10days
Its pyoderma Drainage and topical mupirocin If number more dan 10 nd systemic features start iv cloxacillin
Furunculosis Antibiotics orally and topically. Improve general health and personal hygiene.
Thanks Dr kute Ankush

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Pustular furunculosis Rx.. Apprpriate antibiotics orally& Topically
Tnx Dr Ashok Leel sir
Fruncle. Amoxyclav 30mg/day/bd. Mupirocin skin cream locally.
FRUNCLE Rx amox clav Tbact cram tropical
pyoderma tbact cream
Thanks Dr Shofique Anawar
Folliculitis. T bact local app. If fever is significant then start with oral cefalexin and pcm
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