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a male of 38 years got lesion in mouth which is progressive, in 2014 after biopsy diagnosed as Leukoplakia, in 2017 as papilloma, one report Ca + ve, other reports negative. Please suggest treatment. g


Dr.Padhi ji,my opn.to get report again from other reputed lab to confirm.U have not report about the ptn.dinchrya & other biodata. Till use Panch tikt ghrit guggal+GKRasayan bd with milk empity stomcuk. After diet Sarivadha Asav+ Mahamanjithadi quath with ARV vati 2 bd. Pl.reveiew the result of med.Avoid constipation.if any habit against ptn.nature,may tottely avoid.diet may also accrd to perverti.@Dr. Madan Mohan Padhi ji.
Yes, he is by profession a barber, was chewing gutkha regularly, now stopped. I have prescribed above medicine with one Ansocure cap(Jain). Out of 4 test reports 3 from AIIMS, Govt. Med. College negative. One from a private corporate hospital it was positive. I will inform the progress.
?? Frictional hyperkeratosis ?? Leukoplakia R/0 SCC
Surgery is the best option to stop spreading.
In homoeopathy NUX VOMICA can be thought of in low potency such as 6x, 6c, 30c repeated doses. I suggest NUX VOMICA 30c, bds.
Leukoplakia is one of the risk factor for CA...so better to refer the patient to higher centre
Take opinion from Oncologist We don't have any specific guideline for the same?
Refer patient to higher center is better . oncological consultation ASAP
Arsenic Phosphorus Condurago Kali cynatum Apis Aurum
Does patient has gutka pan masala addiction?
Yes, previously

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I think surgery is the best option...
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