A pregnant lady of 27 years of age during first trimester appeared at Gynae OPD with a tender bleeding tumor developed on mandible over 1 month What is the diagnosis, DD & treatment/ Dr.T.S SAHA


Pyogenic granuloma. ...being in pregnancy also termed pregnancy epulis....granuloma gravidaram. Surgical excision....LASERS preferred...for less bleeding.
I expect you would have answered it sir....
Granuloma gravidarum.......Pregnancy tumors are also known by several other names, including pyogenic granuloma, granuloma of pregnancy, lobular capillary hemangioma, and pregnancy epulides. Pregnancy tumor is a benign gingival hyperplasia. Pregnancy tumors usually disappear on their own after the birth of baby. DD....Peripheral giant cell granuloma, Peripheral ossifying fibroma, Ameloblastomas...... Homoeopathic treatment...though this benign growth usually disappear of their own! but if persist and patient can't allow surgery that then our Homoeopathic remedy acts well. As per constitution and nature of growth we can select following medicines.....Syphillinum, Silica, Calc fluor, Ruta, Thuja.
pyogenic granuloma A tumour which occur during pregnancy surgical excision is t/t if patient compalins of pain n difficulty while biting or laser can be prefeered
Agree with @Dr. Narayana S sir Pregnancy epulis Surgical excision in llnd or lllrd trimester or laser tharapy
Pregnancy gingivitis or pregnancy epulis ..... surgical excision. ......laser shall give better results
Yes it is pregnancy epulis. It grows to its full size till 8th month and then regresses thereafter .
Pyogenic granuloma Surgical excision Biopsy
Pyogenic granuloma ...laser trtment
Pyogenic granuloma Excision Biopsy
Pyogenic granuloma doctor.
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