A 35 yrs old malept has suffering prolapse hemorrhoids since 7 yrs... symptoms.. bleeding and pain during hard stool, some time burning sensation and itching. constipation. habits..ocassionaly drinking alcohol and smoking ,hot desire of food... all reports normal....respected drs plz DX and share ur valuable opinion on dis case.


Hardu + phaltrikadi+gukshuradi guggul1tsf befor meal bd Ras pachak + raktapachak +panchsakar+Manspachak 1tsf after meal bd Gandharwa haritki wati 2 tab in bed time Abhyarishta 3tsf wd water Grutha 1tsf daily bifire break fast on empty stomach..thus will reduce exces water absorption from stool. N will prevebt drying of stool. Stiz bath with haldi +triphala Grutha pichu wgen there iz burning sensation in anus.
Smoking,,, alcohol these directly afects blood...results into arsha.. So should be avoide such diet also

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1) Mahalaxmi vilasRas 125 mg Bolbaddh Ras 125 mg Kamdudha Ras 125 mg b.d. 2) Kaumari asava no.1. 10 ml Ushiraasava 10 ml b.d.p.c. 3) Arshoghni vati 1 b.d. 4) Kasisadi tail Locally 5) Proctosedyl H oint Before and after defecation 6) K.S. 1
Prolpse Rectum N pain burning bleeding piles, Abhayarist30 ml with coster oil 10 ml mixed BD, Arshkuthar Ras 2 BD Arogyabardhani bati2 Gandharv haritaki2 BD Sutsekhar Ras 1 BD, Apply kashisadi tail Pichu BD is helpful sir.
Prolpse, External Hemorrhoids, Bolbadharas2 BD Abhayarist30 ml with coster oil 10 ml mixed N BD shuran powder N Triphala churn 60 GM, Hingwastak churn 60 GM mixed N 8 gm BD with warm water,Musaktail Pichu BD .
Thank u so much for valuable opinion sir
Dear Dr Shah Prolapsed 4th degree External haemorrhoids. Advised Proctoscopy to assess internal pathologies. Routine investigations Ligation With Kshara Sutra Thanks with regards
Thank u so much for ur valuable opinion sir.
Advice for KS Ligation..... Avipattikar Churna 5gm at bed time with luke warm Jatyadi Tailam 5ml P /R twice in a day Sitz bath with luke warm water and Sphatika Bhasma
Thank u sir.
1stly निदान परिवर्जन, क्षार सूत्र अग्नि चिकित्सा-1. चित्रकादि वटी 2. अविपत्तिकर चूर्ण 3. त्रिफला गुग्गुलु 4. कंनकायण वटी जात्यादि तैल से दिन में 4-5 बार लगाने को कहें।
Beat option Kshar sutra 1 tab arogay verdhni vati two bd 2 tab tirfala gogal two bd 3 cap p 9 two bd 4 sheikh Pachan churan one tea spon two time daily with
Mixed hemorrhoids Sx is the choice open hemorrhdectomy T.kankayana gutika 2tds T.kanchanara guggulu 2tds Sitz bath with triphala T.sitopaladi churna2bd
Donot go for ks it leads to gangreen Excission is best

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Advice for kshara ligation Abhayarishta syp Cap sunarin Tab anuloma Taila poorna with jathyadi taila 30 me once a day Sitz bath
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