C/o Mild prominent latera ventricle measures 10mm AFI :- 16.2 Now we will dicuss about this The lateral ventricles usually measure less than 10 mm (about ½ inch) each. Mild ventriculomegaly means that one or both of the baby's lateral ventricles are slightly larger than usual. Ventricles measuring between 10 to15 mm are called “mild” ventriculomegaly. & this is the case of Mild Ventriculomegaly Baby can be delivered normally & There is no treatment before birth for fetuses with ventriculomegaly further treatment can b given after delivery Treatment after birth involves managing the child's symptoms.

Shalini Jha Dr. Sandhya M K Dr. Shreyas Patidar Dr. Meenaakshi Palaniappan Dr. Monika Sharma Help Dr.Tarun with this case.
Was the delivery LSCS or normal vaginal delivery ?? N what was the condition of the baby after birth ?
I think u haven't seen Gestational age in the pic

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