If anyone wants any kind of dental consultation you are free to call on Choudhary dental hospital number 9466824319 Dr karan Choudhary our main aim to give our patients a healthy and happy smile forever stay home stay safe Happy and healthy


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First of all very good morning Dr as per doctor you are not allowed to write such massive language on my wall second i am not a quack i am a gazetted and authorised dental surgeon as a citizen of india i know that mida is not a degree but in our area i write it educate the patient and aware the patients not only about dental health but also help them to resolve their personal issues one more thing I sending you just read that and then make a discussion with me
U r almost a quack...MIDA is not a degree, so stop fooling the patients, and it's because of desperate people like you, dentistry had declined over the years, as per the govt. Orders writing MIDA is punishable by law.
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