Secondary Infertility

27/F C/o :- Secondary infertility 2 years Trying to conceive since 2 years Generalities :- Appetite - Normal Desire - Sweet++, Ice Cream+++ Aversion - Mug Lentils, Lentils of Adad Bowel - Normal Urine - Normal Thirst - Thirstless *Life History:- 10th pass No desire to study further Weak in study One brother H/o - Mother has lot of miscarriage Marriage in 2010 at the age of 18 yrs. Love marriage. First female baby in 2011 Again pregnant after 6 month of 1st baby. Aborted through medicine. Again pregnant in 2013. Again aborted through medicine. Take OC pills for 1 year for avoid pregnancy. Follicle treatment taken since 2 years. Diagnostic Laparoscopy done in February 2020 LMP - 22/02/2020 than menses not come. Mind :- She can work if she want to and not if she get bored. Fear of Cockroach Want company She don't like to sit quietly Love to eat new new food. Desire travelling. Reading love stories. She gets angry if no one does what she say. She cry if angry Suggest Medicine??



Fear animals of..... cockroach.........pqrs Obstinate Love lure Company desire Weeps anger during Occupation diversion amelo.....pqrs SEPIA 1M ONCE AND WAIT
Arnica 1 m s.d
Ailments from abortion /hormonal / contraceptives Can be Lyco, Calc, Sepia
Pulsatilla 200 1d/weekly×2months
Pulsatilla 1m/3dose weekly
Puls can work
Aur mur nat