Occlusal correction using OccluSense from Bausch Germany .

Introducing OccluSense from Bausch for the first time in Kollam , Kerala . Done a few cases since Dec 2019 . Portraying a video of pre and post occlusion of a patient aged 27 years who presented with severe pain towards the ear , with mutiple Missing posterior teeth and history of orthodontic treatment . Patients occlusal table was analysed with occlusense and occlusal correction was done . Patient was reviewed after 2 weeks and four weeks . The post occlusal video is after 4 weeks review . The one on ur left is post correction that’s when the patient came to my centre . The one on ur right is post occlusal correction . The analysis was done where on the left u can see red spots on occlusion which denotes only point contacts while on the right u can see green , yellow and orange spots which denotes wider contact . Patient was relived from pain on her vey first visit . On her second visit their was no much change and she could really chew . Her words were like now she understands that chewing is possible on her post segment which she couldn’t before correction as she dint have any bite their and only point contacts . 4 week review recording is been presented on the right where u can clearly visualise the change . This instrument is really helpful in quantitative assement of occlusion similar to T Scan . But a good knowledge in occlusion and decision making is mandatory for correction .



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