16/y/o girl who is an active athlete and has regular training for running, recently started facing complain of calf muscle pain & sometimes pain in left knee. She takes a proper healthy diet as advised by a diet coach which includes taking calcium & multi-vitamin supplements. On Examination- no physical abnormality seen, there is mild tightness in calf region B/l leg. Left knee- no swelling, no tenderness, Crepitus- absent Appetite- Normal( eats both veg & non-veg) Thirst- Normal, takes 2.5-3 ltrs of water daily Prakriti pitta Agni samanya Jihva nirama Mala nirama- regular & clear timely bowel evacuation What can be the nidana in this case, I'm confused, what can we prescribe? please help



May be a case of Shin Splints. Please ask to stop over training. Ask if she has modified her training protocol recently? Rest and regular warmups is enough for recovering from this.
Dx Muscle soarness and Tendinitis may cause this. Rx Allready Vitamin and mineral supply mention is there. We can add ORS /Coconut water/Lemon juice to rectify electrolyte imbalance. Ayurvedic Brimhana and Pushti kara measure like "Seka, Abhyanga, Rasayana and Mardana" will give more strength and stamina to over come the problem Yoga
Athletes commonly suffer from cramps due to fluid-electrolyte imbalance. Potassium & Magnesium are very neccessary. Stretching & Massaging. Heat & Ice pack therapies. These should help.
Trainings Tight Schedule,Over Traning may be the Cause. Ashwagandha Churna Ashwagandharishta Menolmalt Mahanarayan Taila Softly Abhyanga.
She is Anaemic, Its a clear case of Pandu Roga, Have a look of CBC to confirm Start with Protein Rich Diet Lohasava And IFA
Athletes usually suffer from muscle soars, Rx 1. Plenty of fluids 2. Abhyanga w/ mahanarayan tail 3. Swedan
Best... alkaline diet,cold pressed coconut oil massage and in naval available at apna Bazaar.
Five phos. For general weakness and rhus tox for soreness and pain.
Muscle soreness from overexertion, arnica can be thought of.
R. T or china work nicely give after differentiating it...
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